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May 15, 2011

The muscats.

In the step point

I have the album of the muscats

I listen,


Any だこの album.

笑 does not stop.

Conte is usually recorded in only a printing block

Because there are many parts to listen to for the first time, it is really dangerous.

てゆうかさ, the music of the muscats

Of the music is high-level.

A unit is made newly this time

The feeling that is an animated cartoon of the pull kava

The feeling that is a club of Hercules

Lock of the inspiration girl

The popular song of rotary sisters

I am the already best.

To the person who does not know a muscats

I want you to listen by all means.

By the way, the first limited edition does not have the conte

DVD(MV) is turned on.

Wednesday, May 25 release

"Hello Ebisu muscats from the muscats - Hollywood"

Limited edition


Normal version


It is sorrow.

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