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May 27, 2011

The daily fourth place!


In Shibuya Committee for European Space Research

After movie "three ☆ point" presentation

I did talk show.

In the last, laughter does not stop,

I was not able to talk well,

With Okinawa edition, Kyoto edition, Tokyo edition

I am like a profile of Manager Yamamoto

I am really glad to be able to participate in a work.

By the way, the story changes and,

The 1st album of the Ebisu muscats

This time Nantes,

It became the daily chart fourth place!

By the way, from the opening 15th place, the second day 20th place

It is fourth place surfacing.

As for it as for this,

I was able to start it simply because there was the support of all of you

As a wonderful problem

I heard that it was the sellout shop series

Ah, was not it expected?

By the way, it will be entering Osaka tomorrow

It is early in the morning,

While hearing album all songs

In favorite BAR

Include a manager

I want to toast.

I want all the truth to listen.

Please get our spirit.

By the way, the tomorrow day after tomorrow

In Osaka, Kobe

Of the name to be called muscats CAMP

It is a national tour!

I am a pleasure too.

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