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May 27, 2011

Stage DVD admiration.

Of theatrical company "Tokyo セレソンデラックス"

The stage admires DVD of "... saying ... in an evening".


I borrow it from a person and leave you unattended more than three months (爆)

I'm sorry.

At last I watched it.

Because I already return it.

If I am said to cry and pose and absolutely look

It is far to cry

It is ridiculous by thick actors of the character,

A tempo was good and was drawn into a story to advance.

And be if coming to an end

A heart is painful, and already have a pain in it,

Empathize too much; and tempted by the expression of the actor

The tears which do not stop anymore.

I give a voice and weep bitterly.


I want to still cry more.

If be elaborate and go to the theater raw

I became great.

But I wanted to see it raw.

Both the script and the direction are great.

もーやだー cried too much and felt fine.

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