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May 01, 2011

Is it a trap?

I arrive at the meeting place and say hello with a person from エライ of the country.

And I wait at a place called a royal suit.

A moment, the foot which entered stop.

What's this?



Is it a trap?

It was put in なんだ, this ease


Somehow before each chair

I feel like being put,

What is depths?

Squishiness becomes,

One banana is のとこもあれば

Bunch のとこもあるし,

I want to see a cake under cover of fruit

I am scattered.

It must be a trap.

Do not already stop laughing alone

I was irritated since an airport arrived

Room was made from this in a heart considerably.


It is three number of people conversion of this place (roar of laughter)

I think that it is no good for there not to be something and

Though I was said to have prepared in a hurry,

Is who だよ the child who prepared?

www which I would display why

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