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May 26, 2011

Album release.


An album was released today (25th).

Be too glad,

BAR でかけてもらいなが,

I drink a gin and tonic.

Listen for a national tour badly

To keep I keep singing, and dancing

I am already fun and am fun.

A dance does not stop in BAR.

I want to make live broadcasting early.

Is the next Osaka, Kobe?

待 っててね Osaka, Kobe.

Because I charm the best muscats.

I am like this,

The joy that an expensive album of the quality can give.

There is it with a first limited edition, a normal version,

I want both hand actually to stock it

If there is an at a loss person

A by all means normal version (笑)

Conte is the best.

A double in particular is veiled.

It is はぁーいい liquor

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