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May 20, 2011

A super famous magazine.

In China which went the other day,

The super celebrity magazine which I photographed in strict confidence,

时 Still: cosmo politan (cosmopolitan)

Release is hasty; in June issue (5/25 in release)

It will be placed.


I make page 8 and have

I feel very honored!

Besides, this magazine,

I heard that a Japanese was the first

At the same time to have accomplished a big thing

When I want you to know more me in China

I felt it heartily.

The aim is high and do not be crushed

I train mind and meet many people

Please takes care of those encounters

I want to aim at the top more and yet more.

It is study first of all.

The language study is so, too; and with the history or culture.

Continuation is an authority.

My motto.

It seems to become the reality now.

(the debut tenth year)

This article is translated by using automatic translation from Japanese.

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