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May 01, 2011

A meeting place panic.

Oh, I am various with the preparation

It walks to want to say, but

Because it is foreign countries, I often close my eyes.

Calmly calmly.

It is rushed preparations,

By the way, when I say that I go

I wait again without having the securing of line of flow.

What do not sleep.

30 minutes later,

Among little less than 30 police and staff

I aim at the stage of the meeting place.

I tackle a coming fan (笑)



なんだ コリャーーー!

It is how to handle in Japan me seriously!

Onemasu とかー

BARAGAKI of the other day acts rashly; try to be; event とかー

DARA とかー

I mean, it is not the material

When I do not have more awareness

I really thought.

In the meeting place, a person is a panic after a meeting.


In consideration of the security of people flocking forward forward,

After having kept it waiting badly

Stand on the stage; and within five minutes

It is pulled a handle, and escape

I left the place.

In the one that came expressly from far away


As for the person who waited for middle several hours when the gentle rain fell


I am very disappointed, and there is no help for it.

If I have more Chinese

Even as for the short time

I should have been able to convey one's words.

It's like I was annoyed.

If come across the sea; I

There is a person knowing.

I realized it judging from one's eye.

I want to interchange more.

Let's try study hard.

This article is translated by using automatic translation from Japanese.

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