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November 10, 2010

The training method of the gym.

Lull before a storm.

Because it is a schedule relaxedly comparatively this week
It is maintenance week before it's too late.

A nail, eyelashes extension, a dentist, a hair salon.
English conversation, the beauty treatment salon are line かなければな, too.

And it is Jim.

I play truant well
Has it already lasted around one and a half years?

There is a continuing reason
Gym = muscular workout
Then there is not it.

It is always a one-to-one of the personal
I do it
The ratio of stretch and muscular workout
Stretch is Maine at 2:1.

Be easy to really thrust I muscle
When I do only a muscular workout
It becomes ムキムキ immediately.

The physical maintenance is troublesome
I cannot say such a thing anymore because I am not young.

Oh, I was still 20 years old.

It is a birthday in another around eight hours.

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