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October 16, 2010

A memory.

Without thinking anything to be busy
I return to the hometown and want to indulge in an old memory.

The district does not have the parents' house
Something like air of the place where oneself was brought up
After all there be it
I change and do not change and
There are scenery or a smell or nostalgia.

I listened at the age of a junior high student and a high school student
When I listen to music back
It's like a memory of then already revives and
Remember love and play and a friend or a lover
I almost cry for no reason.

The memory is a treasure in a serious matter.

What will F of the first love do?
The time capsule which I made at the age of a primary schoolchild
When will you open out?
I spent all my time byte in the summer vacation.
I took a failing mark in social studies.
Classmate or everybody of the elementary school will do what.

I do not watch a face even if I make a class reunion.

I become an adult each and have a family and
I work energetically and am enough
I walk each way.

Such I become an adult in the same way, too and
I do the work that is not thought about in then and
If I write a sentence in this way
There is a person reading all over the world.

I am mysterious.

It becomes the memory now to do it this way.
Watch a stage "thin cherry tree ogre" today
It is w to have been in love with Taichi Saotome
Yuma wants to drink a Mac shake and
Though I went for buying, something be wrong with the machine
As for what was refused cf. w (Twitter)

It is a memory.

Diary (blog) book かなければな.
For one's memory.

Good night.

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