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August 01, 2010

Living-room gig information.

In April for eruption,
An airplane does not fly in whole European district
From a case canceled on the day
In June when two months passed
Check it; and in the safety a trip to France
The Yuma Japanese spaniel of the close friend and the picture which went
It is broadcasted how on TV.

"Princess princess trip Princess X Princess to Lip"
I spread (ひめひめりょこう) (プリプリップ)

In fact, it is this plan

At the time of trip that I really performed in a private in two last year to Italy
I photographed the state with my camera.
It is strange when I reflect natural Yuma Japanese spaniel
Sola Aoi and Asami Yuma
It was a funny journey as it said whether you went on trip that it was such チープ.
While I photograph it
It is the beginning that I thought whether I be elaborate and cannot release it.

The trip is a chance and has through a plan
DVD including television transmission and a privilege picture
It will release it.

Gee, I am glad.
I was fun.

TV becomes all four times.
Look by all means.

It is sorrow.

Sola Aoi X Asami Yuma Paris preview
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★A broadcast schedule★

Kanto: 7 MX Tokyo metropolitan TV / Saturday 27:00 - 8/ - Paris edition

Kansai: TV Osaka, TVO/ Tuesday 26:00 - 8/10 - Paris edition

Sendai: Miyagi TV, MMT/ Sunday 26:00 - 8/29 - Paris edition

Hiroshima: Hiroshima TV, HTV/ Friday 25:03 - 9/17 - Paris edition

Shizuoka: Shizuoka Daiichi Television, SDT/ Tuesday 25:29 - 8/17 - Paris edition

Fukushima: Fukushima center, FCT/ Saturday 25:45 - 7/31 - Paris edition

Tottori, Shimane: Sea of Japan television, NKT/ Tuesday 25:04 - 8/31 - Paris edition

Ehime: Nankai Broadcasting, RNB/ Friday 25:53 - 8/13 - Paris edition

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