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August 02, 2010

Lesson ground launching.

On the lesson first day, I "launch it on the lesson first day"
On the lesson last day, I "launch lesson ground"

At the first sunrise of the year that I invited a performance to
In the meeting place dressing room circumference and a lobby
Light "first sunrise of the year display"
On the last day of a public performance, I "launch" it

Display to be invited to like this exists.
(I do not know how about other stage)

Everybody is a thing of Marina Oba to the district
Daily life launching

Because it was the lesson last day today
It was lesson ground launching.

Close to the lesson ground even if eat and drink
To the deep-discount Chinese food which one 2,000 yen does not reach
Flock by little less than 30 numbers of people
I was washed ashore.

Of course I do not drink because I am stopping drinking.

Watching everybody of the sober (sobriety) drunkard
I was unexpectedly fun and participated till the last.

Because I practice it, and there was not a praised thing
People who got drunk praising me
In fact, be extremely glad.
It's like can have confidence.

A day of the day after tomorrow tomorrow one's maintenance.
With a nail or eyelashes or pierced earrings or a gym
That I go to the hospital of the throat for time of the emergency and get medicine,
Oh, it is all kinds of matters.

I attach a nail or pierced earrings shiningly, and it is possible, and there is not a historical drama.

To exclude body piercing をね not to get by oneself; line かなければだよね.

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