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August 14, 2010

A steak from inappetence and sushi.

A steak from inappetence and sushi.
12 stage eighth day performances
It was Friday of 13th, an unlucky day
It was finished safely.

It is a meeting of the early afternoon in being only 1 night performance today.

Were you unable to remain indifferent to me without the appetite recently?
From Kitamura of the direction
It is provoked by lunch when I "eat meat"
With the case of manager and fight scene a large number of people (stand and learn it)
It is a steak shop in four people before a meeting.

I am after a long absence and get a feeling of full stomach.

And after the curtain
There "is not an appetite recently"
If I say lunch to a different manager like this
It "is an arm of the actors I eat, and to manage the physical condition"
Because I was said like this

"Is じゃー sushi edible?"
I go I say like this, and to eat sushi.

Is it that?

Me, is not there really an appetite? Pupupu

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