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July 21, 2010

The email reception is abnormal.

In twitter to a friend
If I murmur "email しといてー for carrying"
"Email しといたよー"
の reply.

It is 携帯置 きっぱで to a car
An email does not become available if I confirm it some time ago.

Is it that?

I push the button of the email reception unintentionally like this.

Then without becoming the reception screen
I come back to 待受.

I think that I am strange and cut a power supply once
I became the reception screen normally when I rebooted.

However, screen "which receives ずーとずー ー っと".

In addition, did you have a bug? If I am in the middle of thinking like this and stop it
An email considered to have received it by then
There are 33 cases how, too.

Is it えつ?
Are you meet-a-mate?!

When I am scared like this and hold an email
From acquaintance manager friend muscats
I enter a lot.

There is a lot that it is not today when I watch the date.
When examine it; anything and I
The reception of the email was not done for five days.


Thus, because I do not yet peep at an email of everybody
The high that looks from now on.

I got tired of this carrying soon
Mobile strange えるかー.

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