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May 29, 2011

Osaka performance.

Ebisu muscats,

CAMPin Osaka of the whole country! !


In saying that is raw as for the incident

There was it here and there

Fun and thought having one it too

It was able to be over safely.

This time

Because there is always few free talking

In members of each local selection

I listen to a rare story

It becomes the wonderful event.

What will you talk about by the tomorrow's Kobe performance?

I am excited.

There is not such a fun thing anymore.

As for the person watching a muscats for the first time

As for the person whom it is so, and there is not

All of you who participate in live broadcasting from now on!

Put up tension


(cry at from 12-34)


A song will dance like crazy together.

Do not lose the spirit of all of you

Because I nominate the muscats

So that all of you do not lose, too

Please take it lots and lots!

Ah, I will look forward to it tomorrow.

終 わりたくないぜこの memory.

This article is translated by using automatic translation from Japanese.

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